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February 28, 2011

Fluffy Bums

I decided that before Noodle arrives that I wanted to delve into the deep, dark world of Fluffy Bums!! Cloth nappies make us think of way back when we were kids and had those awful, shapeless terry nappies held together with a HUGE safety pin. Nowadays the world of cloth is oh so different. There are many different “systems” so you’re bound to find one that suits you and you’re helping the environment at the same time so you can feel good about yourself! Okay so the terry nappies still exist but they have been updated [although if you want to, you can still get the old style squares!] you can have pre-folded ones or, even easier, fitted ones. The fitted nappies look just like a regular disposable nappy except that it’s normally cotton, terry, bamboo or some other nice absorbent material. You then put a wrap, what would have been the dreaded “plastic pants” back in the day, over the top to waterproof it. Still sounds like a lot of work huh?

If that’s too much, and you have a little more money to spend, an all-in-one or pocket nappy might suit you better. Especially when you bear in mind that even though they’re more expensive than a terry nappy, they are still going to be cheaper in the long run than disposables!!

Rather than me go on and on about something I don’t really know enough about I’d rather make sure you get the BEST information. I found it at The Nappy Line. You’ll get a wealth of information and help as well as being linked a shop to purchase said nappies.

Now I bought my nappies 2nd hand, there are so many people swapping or selling nappies that either didn’t work for them or that their children have outgrown. If this is more up your street and you want to save a few pennies while trying different nappy systems then hit up Cloth Nappy Tree and look in the classifieds section. Not only do they have hundreds of different sizes and styles you’ll also find very helpful members who can point you in the right direction if you’re not sure about something.

I bought a Tot Bots pocket nappy and a Wee Notions all-in-two nappy [and a bunch more which haven’t arrived as I’m posting this!] and tried them out last night and this morning. I even have the great joy of getting a poo nappy which was actually easier to deal with than the disposable nappy as it seemed to smell less!!

Here is my beautiful Pandabear wearing her Wee Notions Taupe Elephants nappy

Hope you enjoyed this short introduction to cloth nappies!! You can look forward to more Fluffy Bums pictures in the near future!!

February 21, 2011

Put Your Feet Up!

There’s nothing better than being able to put your swollen, sore feet up either at the end of the day or, if you’re really lucky, before! Having been so ill with the hyperemesis gravidarum I’ve done quite a lot of putting my feet up, purely because I have little other option. After hospitalising myself, on more than one occasion, from doing too much I’ve learnt that there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself when your body is working 24/7 to make a little baby! But what do you do when you’re lying there playing a sofa bunny? Well I found this darling little trailer to a film documentary called “Babies”, it has no commentary and shows the lives of 4 babies from different countries around the world. It features the first year of their life and shows how different things are depending on where we grow up, or where we bring our children up. Seeing this only adds to the excitement of my little Noodle growing inside me!

February 17, 2011

Bump & Glam: Footwear

Remind me when this “Pregnancy Glow” is supposed to start? I was sure it was the second trimester but I’m starting to wonder! Mind you, I’m lying like a piece of withered lettuce on the sofa trying to remember what it feels like to be normal after having spent another few days in hospital! Yes, the dreaded Hyperemesis Gravidarum struck again. I actually had a fantastic week last week and though I’d perhaps hit a turning point with this horrendous condition but no such luck. Saturday came and the incessant vomiting cycle started again. More IV fluids and bed rest, which seems to have done the trick… well that and some zofran of course!

While I was feeling fabulous last week I had been checking my e-mails when I noticed one from Schuh… with SALE items! Shock horror! You can never say “sale” to a woman without getting a reaction!! There they were, a glorious pair of brown leather fur-lined boots… and they were FLAT!

Must. Have. Them.

As most pregnant women know, the celebrities in magazines are dying walking around in heels while pregnant!! When every other part of you is uncomfortable you need some little piece of comfort to help you get through the day. So here are some gorgeous flats to help you in your endeavorer.

Schuh Soldier Biker Fleece Boots

Reduced from £75 to £29.95 from Schuh

Schuh Molly Lace-Up Floral Flats

Reduced From £24.99 to £14.95 from Schuh

Office Decades Away Red Leather

Reduced from £62 to £15 from Office

Hopefully now your feet are more comfortable the rest of you will be too!! I do have to add, my boots are so comfortable and cosy, I don’t want to ever take them off!!

February 9, 2011

Healthy Bump: Winter Warmer Soup Recipe

Although I really only craved savoury food when I was pregnant with Pandabear this pregnancy has been the total opposite in that respect. I loveeee chocolate and sugar and sugary things and sweeties! However, I am aware, we need to be a little healthy while pregnant to give our little bundles the best start they can have. I have found it a real struggle, especially with the Hyperemesis, to stand and cook dinner. By the time the evening rolls around I just want to curl into a ball in bed and rest, being pregnant is hard work! So I was greatly excited to find a really healthy soup recipe on Butterfly Food that takes just over 30 minutes!!

I hope Ash doesn’t mind me adding this picture, which belongs 100% to her, to this post to show you how mouth-wateringly beautiful it looks

Winter Warmer Soup recipe

So I threw myself into it tonight and made it, all be it mine didn’t look as beautiful as hers, it tasted gorgeous! Even Mr BP chowed down on 2 bowls of the stuff [with half a loaf of bread!] and he hasn’t eaten all day as he’s been feeling ill! It’s definitely got that tangy tomato but stuffed with vegetables feeling to it and I totally recommend you pop over to Ash’s blog and check out the recipe!


February 8, 2011

Blooming Baby

So I shared a few maternity items I’m coveting but what about the all important baby buying! The thing all mothers seem to love is looking at all the teeny, tiny, cutie, kootchie items! How could you not, especially nowadays when online shopping is such a massive thing in most of our lives. How to absolutely drain your savings account in a few hours without moving your giant, whale-sized self from the sofa!

Organic Spotty Green Kimono Romper

£16.49 from Babipur

Buzzy Bee Envelope Top

Reduced to £11.05 from Frugi

Småfolk Rabbit and Toadstool Bodysuit

£12.99 from Peter And Jane

Fawn Baby Blue

£17.00 from Inch Blue

I love that there are some really nice unisex items out there if you know where to look. The Rabbit & Toadstool bodysuit is from a gorgeous Danish company called Smafolk who make the most stunning retro-inspired items for kiddies. Frugi specialise in organics and do a lot of good work helping charities and trying to look after our environment. Not to mention the beautifully designed leather shoes by Inch Blue for your baby to be the envy of all of your friends, there are so many different designs I promise you will struggle to pin down just one that you want!

February 6, 2011

Bump & Glam

Most pregnant women I have spoken to just want to show off their bumps and why the hell not!! I have never felt more beautiful [yes, even with the sickness and other ailments!] than I do when I’m pregnant. What better way to show if off than some gorgeous maternity clothes. With Pandabear I held off buying maternity thinking I maybe wouldn’t need them when if I’d just bought them earlier I’d have been able to get more wear out of them! So here’s a few items I’m coveting!

Asos Maternity Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

Reduced to £14

Asos Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Top

Reduced To £20

JoJo Maman Bebe Navy & White Mini Dress


I particularly love the mini dress and I think Mr BP would love it too!!

February 5, 2011

What They Don’t Tell You!

Why does it seem that every other pregnant woman in the world looks glam and is blooming perfect!!! It feels like I’m the only one who gets all the rubbish pregnancy symptoms instead of being one of the glowing, symptom-free pregnant women! Everyone I speak to just glides through their pregnancy with minor difficulty, I promised myself I would enjoy this pregnancy after having a rather difficult one with Pandabear. So far… not so good!

After hitting the Hyperemesis Gravidarum like I ran into a brick wall I was finally stabilised on some tablets which seem to be working! The downside… severe [I’m not talking bad but horrendous!] constipation. I mean a lot of pregnant women get constipation but this is way beyond that. It’s been so severe that it’s causing muscle spasms… down there! Ouch! I can only compare it to the pain of childbirth it is that severe and I laboured Pandabear without pain relief!! Fortunately I’ve been given some fantastic anaesthetic gel to help ease the pain but having not been able to sit down for the past two weeks is rather disrupting to my schedule! Fortunately Pandabear is in respite nursery care for three half days a week which makes a BIG difference and I don’t know how I would manage without that little bit of rest. I better also mention the wonderful job that Mr BP has done looking after both myself and Pandabear, I really couldn’t have gotten this far through the pregnancy without him.

Has anyone else had any strange or awful pregnancy related problems?

February 4, 2011

Well that’s just Blooming Perfect!

Well things are less perfect as they are blooming! The blooming part is the one bit I’ve had absolutely no trouble with this pregnancy!

Although it’s such a great saying, such a polite way of saying so many things all at once. Whether said seriously and meaning something really is perfect or in a slightly more sarcastic way to exclaim that everything is very much less than perfect! I guess that’s more how I’ve been feeling recently.

After suffering 9 weeks of Hyperemesis Gravidarum [before which I’d never heard of it!] I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. When someone mentions morning sickness I think more of my first pregnancy with Pandabear, I felt rough… sure, but then who doesn’t? When I talk about hyperemesis to people and try to explain that it’s a severe form of morning sickness I think they only hear the “morning sickness” words and nothing more.

Oh you just need to get up and get on with things, you’ll feel better if you’re doing something

Really? Feel better if I’m doing something? I’ve had 4 hospitalisations in the last 9 weeks for IV rehydration through being able to keep nothing down. Hyperemesis is really nothing like morning sickness, I’ve seen it described as “having food poisoning for weeks/months instead of hours” and I feel that definitely describes it more accurately.

As if my body felt that wasn’t quite enough I then started bleeding heavily, threatening miscarriage at 15 weeks, I was told in careful thoughtful terms that if I were to labour they wouldn’t be able to save little Noodle. Fortunately he seems to be hanging on in there so far. It’s raw knees and crossed fingers for the time being, hoping to get to every milestone and see this pregnancy through.

Hopefully I’ll start blooming in a more perfect fashion in the very near future!!