Healthy Bump: Winter Warmer Soup Recipe

Although I really only craved savoury food when I was pregnant with Pandabear this pregnancy has been the total opposite in that respect. I loveeee chocolate and sugar and sugary things and sweeties! However, I am aware, we need to be a little healthy while pregnant to give our little bundles the best start they can have. I have found it a real struggle, especially with the Hyperemesis, to stand and cook dinner. By the time the evening rolls around I just want to curl into a ball in bed and rest, being pregnant is hard work! So I was greatly excited to find a really healthy soup recipe on Butterfly Food that takes just over 30 minutes!!

I hope Ash doesn’t mind me adding this picture, which belongs 100% to her, to this post to show you how mouth-wateringly beautiful it looks

Winter Warmer Soup recipe

So I threw myself into it tonight and made it, all be it mine didn’t look as beautiful as hers, it tasted gorgeous! Even Mr BP chowed down on 2 bowls of the stuff [with half a loaf of bread!] and he hasn’t eaten all day as he’s been feeling ill! It’s definitely got that tangy tomato but stuffed with vegetables feeling to it and I totally recommend you pop over to Ash’s blog and check out the recipe!



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