Bump & Glam: Footwear

Remind me when this “Pregnancy Glow” is supposed to start? I was sure it was the second trimester but I’m starting to wonder! Mind you, I’m lying like a piece of withered lettuce on the sofa trying to remember what it feels like to be normal after having spent another few days in hospital! Yes, the dreaded Hyperemesis Gravidarum struck again. I actually had a fantastic week last week and though I’d perhaps hit a turning point with this horrendous condition but no such luck. Saturday came and the incessant vomiting cycle started again. More IV fluids and bed rest, which seems to have done the trick… well that and some zofran of course!

While I was feeling fabulous last week I had been checking my e-mails when I noticed one from Schuh… with SALE items! Shock horror! You can never say “sale” to a woman without getting a reaction!! There they were, a glorious pair of brown leather fur-lined boots… and they were FLAT!

Must. Have. Them.

As most pregnant women know, the celebrities in magazines are dying walking around in heels while pregnant!! When every other part of you is uncomfortable you need some little piece of comfort to help you get through the day. So here are some gorgeous flats to help you in your endeavorer.

Schuh Soldier Biker Fleece Boots

Reduced from £75 to £29.95 from Schuh

Schuh Molly Lace-Up Floral Flats

Reduced From £24.99 to £14.95 from Schuh

Office Decades Away Red Leather

Reduced from £62 to £15 from Office

Hopefully now your feet are more comfortable the rest of you will be too!! I do have to add, my boots are so comfortable and cosy, I don’t want to ever take them off!!


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