Put Your Feet Up!

There’s nothing better than being able to put your swollen, sore feet up either at the end of the day or, if you’re really lucky, before! Having been so ill with the hyperemesis gravidarum I’ve done quite a lot of putting my feet up, purely because I have little other option. After hospitalising myself, on more than one occasion, from doing too much I’ve learnt that there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself when your body is working 24/7 to make a little baby! But what do you do when you’re lying there playing a sofa bunny? Well I found this darling little trailer to a film documentary called “Babies”, it has no commentary and shows the lives of 4 babies from different countries around the world. It features the first year of their life and shows how different things are depending on where we grow up, or where we bring our children up. Seeing this only adds to the excitement of my little Noodle growing inside me!


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