Bump & Glam: Lingerie

It seems that everywhere I look right now there is beautiful underwear… beautiful underwear that would not fit my ever-increasing, Earth-sized breasts!! It’s not a complaint, I’ve never had small boobs so when they’re a bit bigger it doesn’t make much difference. On thing I do find is that pretty underwear does NOT come in big sizes! What makes it worse is that I have a tiny back size – 30 – so it makes it even harder to find something that fits let alone one that looks pretty a the same time!!

It’s even more important to wear the right size bra when you’re pregnant and try to find one that isn’t underwired too as if it is [or if it’s too small] it can cause problems for your developing milk ducts. Fortunately when I was pregnant with Pandabear I discovered HotMilk lingerie, time to drool!! HotMilk are based in New Zealand but of course you’ll probably find a retailer near you [or there are some online stores] that sell the brand. I honestly cannot fault them, I feel sexy but like super nursing mama all at the same time!!

Another gorgeous brand that I ended up with accidentally is Amoralia who are based in the UK. They have even won a number of awards for their range.

HotMilk She Was Seemingly Unaware set

Bra: Reduced from £34.95 to £26.50 French Knickers: Reduced from £17.50 to 13.00 Both at HappyTinyBabies

Amoralia Black Cupcake Set

Bra: £34.50 Shorts: £15.00 Both from Mummy&LittleMe

Lilly Bliss Midnight Grace Set

Bra: £24.00 Shorts: £14.00 Both from Figleaves

Hopefully you found something to tempt your tastebuds, just remember to always get measured to make sure you’re ordering the right size!


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