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May 9, 2012

Foxy Mama

Whether you’re a new mama, an old mama or pregnant with your first we all love a nice bit of jewellery!! So today I’m featuring some lovely pieces that are affordable and you can personalise them with either your Kidlet’s names or your other half.

1. Kilt Pin Brooch ~Gracie Collins || 2. “You’re Priceless” tag ~Sarah Sheridan Designs Ltd3. Silver Disc Bracelet ~Hurley Burley || 4. Fine Silver Stacking Rings ~ Soremi5. Porcelain Heart Pendant ~ Badgers Badgers || Word Letter Tile Cufflinks ~ Highland Angel

I thought this kilt pin brooch by Gracie Collins was really original and I love that you can have two names on one tag too so it’s great if you want to put twins on it or your whole families names! And it’s a total steal at just £25! The “You’re Priceless” tag pendant I felt was very different and maybe something a little more offbeat if you’re not looking for the usual jewellery and only £20. I thought the bracelet by Hurley Burley was nice and earthy and the cord is actually silk for £25. My favourite of all the pieces are the Fine Silver Stacking Rings by Soremi as each ring can have a different name or letters on it for £23. The Porcelain Heart Pendant is so delicate and it would suit a really elegant lady for just £17.50. For the man, or suit-wearing lady, in your life a pair of Letter Cufflinks would be a nice touch for £28.50.

May 9, 2012

Blooming Baby: Little Butterfly Toys

There are so many toys on the market it can be hard to find the more traditional wooden toys. We are overwhelmed in nearly every shop, even when doing our groceries, with plastic toys for our Kidlets and sometimes we just want something… well a bit different! So today I’m bringing you Little Butterfly Toys who specialise in selling traditional, educational, robust wooden toys.

They are a family business brought about after they had their first child and the majority of the toys they sell are fair trade too! Not only are they fantastically colourful and beautiful but for the adults they also hark back to a time before computers and give us a sense of nostaglia.

Billy magnetic wooden dress up doll caught my eye because my daughter is at an age where dressing up is great fun for her. I’m constantly being asked to put her dolly’s clothes back on after she has removed them and given that this is magnetic it just makes it easier!! Such an original toy and it also comes with many outfits including a superhero and fireman! There is a girlie version too, which I’m sure my daughter would just love, called Princess Elise.

I also totally fell in love with this adorable little house which not only has different doorbell sounds but also 4 keys attached to the handle and 4 door locks on the house! Made by Melissa and Doug who are a US based company who have been producing a huge variety of wooden toys, jigsaws, art supplies & craft kits and classic, traditional toys such as wooden castles, dolls houses & magnetic dress up doll sets for over 20 years.

May 8, 2012

Sling Library Northern Ireland



A few weeks ago I took over the Sling Library Northern Ireland, it was a total accident and it wasn’t my intention to take it over but I have done so with passion and fervor!! The past couple of weeks I’ve spent trying to get the website up to par and although there is still a lot of editing needing done to it the main site is up and running. I know that it’s going to be a tough slog getting it to a point where it’s really usable as a lot of the available slings and wraps are old and not up to the standard of many of the more modern wraps and carriers available.

In saying that my own personal stash has grown rapidly since Atticus was born! The only problem, if you can even call it that, with having a bigger stash is trying to decide what to wear each time I go out!!

May 7, 2012

And… *POOF* I’m back!

I don’t think I factored in that being pregnant meant having a baby and therefore having more limited time!! However I’m here now!!

I wrote my beautiful son’s birth story just after he was born so I will copy it here for posterity although I remember it, not in a bad way, like it were yesterday!

After having a troublesome pregnancy blighted with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, placenta previa [which fortunately moved!] and a pre-term labour at 34w which was stopped! Atticus Roman Christopher made his appearance at 3:50am on July 21st 2011.

My due date was July 18th and with this being my 2nd child I was much calmer about going overdue and when my due date came I was still happy putting my feet up and enjoying my last days being pregnant knowing I would miss it when it was gone. The following day [July 19th] I had my routine consultant appt. and I was given a scan. Lying on the table seeing how big my “wee man” had become was amazing and she checked the measurements saying she was guestimating the weight between 7lb 14oz and 8lb 7oz which to me sounded about right considering my daughter was 7lb 10oz at birth. While scanning me she looked a little concerned and moved the scanner round a bit before asking what my birthplan was. I explained that I wanted a waterbirth as I’d had with my daughter and preferably with no other pain relief. She again looked back at the screen and pointed at the amniotic fluid explaining it was showing on the ultrasound that meconium had been passed and was now in the fluid. I asked her what it meant and she said that she wouldn’t let me continue to carry him because of the risk and that I would be induced the following day and would no longer be able to have a waterbirth. I burst into tears on the table as I didn’t imagine I would cope with being induced and not having pain relief. She offered me a sweep in the hope that I would go naturally before the following day and not need the induction. I was already 3cm but the cervix was still thick.

I was sent to DOU [day obstetric unit] for a CTG to see if there were other signs of distress in baby and was having regular contractions [because of the sweep] but nothing over exciting. The CTG showed that baby seemed to be fine and I was discharged and told to go home and take paracetamol and/or a bath to ease the contractions and if they hadn’t stopped in 2 hours to return – because of the meconium in the fluid I was told my labour would need monitored constantly. I went to my best friend’s house and we got dinner, I took paracetamol and had a bath and still the contractions were coming regularly but hadn’t really intensified or got closer together. Eventually 4 hrs after being discharged I rang them back and explained the situation, I requested to stay at home as the contractions hadn’t become any worse and was told I needed to return to be monitored.

I returned to the unit and was examined to be told I was stil 3cm but my cervix had completely effaced. The said I would need to be admitted even though I wasn’t progressing quickly obviously things had changed and because I was due to be induced the following day they said there was no point in going home. I was taken up to the ward and left to rest. The following day the nurse came round and did a CTG saying that because I was still having contractions they might break my waters to get me progressing rather than wait to induce me with a pessary that afternoon. However when the Dr came round they suggested they I might progress on my own and hopefully I wouldn’t need induced. I was advised to bounce on the ball and walk as much as possible to try and get things moving which I did but when I was examined at 6pm that evening [20th July] I was still only a stretchy 3cm so I was given the first pessary. I had a few more intense contractions but nothing exciting and was told that nothing would probably happen until I had the next pessary at 1am. At 10pm my fiance, Chris, was sent home and told that he would be called if there was any change. By 10:30 the contractions were becoming stronger but I was told I still wasn’t in established labour but because of the pain caused by the induced contractions was given gas an air. I found it to be quite strange at first but did warm to the drunken feeling I got with it. When 1am [July 21st] rolled round and she came back to examine me and give me the pessary I was a stretchy 4cm and was in established labour so she didn’t need to give me the 2nd pessary but because everything had moved so slowly she left me with the gas and air for company. At 3am I buzzed for the midwife to come back as I was feeling the urge to push, when she came she told me she was examining another lady and would be back shortly. When she returned at 3:15am and examined me she said I was only 5cm I explained that I was unable to control the urge to push and she said my waters were bulging and she would send me to delivery as if they were burst I would progress faster and to try not to push. I left the ward at 3:20am almost killing the midwives for taking my gas and air off me and she phoned Chris to tell him to come down. When I arrived upstairs in the delivery suite I was still pushing and pushed so hard that my waters broke, ahhh that felt good! There was meconium in the fluid and I was moved to another [clean!] bed to continue my labour and given my precious gas and air again!! They were using the doppler to monitor babies heart rate which was now dropping with contractions so they attached a monitor to his head. At 3:40am I started pushing properly with the contractions and Atticus was born 10 minutes later. I had wanted the cord to be left to pulse but because of the meconium they needed to assess him immediately and were unable to do it at the bedside. They also went to give me the injection to deliver the placenta, even though I’d expressly written in my birthplan that I didn’t want/need it fortunately I was lucid enough to tell them not to!! They checked me over to see if I needed stitches and I only had a 1st degree cut on my right inner labia and some grazing so no further care was needed. Atticus was weighed and measured and I was shocked to hear that he was an impressive 9lb 7oz and 56cm long!!! Still a little high from the gas and air I started crying and telling the midwives how proud I was of myself for delivering him without further pain relief!!! As my labour had progressed much faster than anyone imagined Chris arrived at 4:10am to see his son for the first time and couldn’t believe how much bigger than our daughter he is!!

I’ve found the whole experience a lot easier second time round and think the recovery has been easier and I’m a lot more confident.