Blooming Baby: Little Butterfly Toys

There are so many toys on the market it can be hard to find the more traditional wooden toys. We are overwhelmed in nearly every shop, even when doing our groceries, with plastic toys for our Kidlets and sometimes we just want something… well a bit different! So today I’m bringing you Little Butterfly Toys who specialise in selling traditional, educational, robust wooden toys.

They are a family business brought about after they had their first child and the majority of the toys they sell are fair trade too! Not only are they fantastically colourful and beautiful but for the adults they also hark back to a time before computers and give us a sense of nostaglia.

Billy magnetic wooden dress up doll caught my eye because my daughter is at an age where dressing up is great fun for her. I’m constantly being asked to put her dolly’s clothes back on after she has removed them and given that this is magnetic it just makes it easier!! Such an original toy and it also comes with many outfits including a superhero and fireman! There is a girlie version too, which I’m sure my daughter would just love, called Princess Elise.

I also totally fell in love with this adorable little house which not only has different doorbell sounds but also 4 keys attached to the handle and 4 door locks on the house! Made by Melissa and Doug who are a US based company who have been producing a huge variety of wooden toys, jigsaws, art supplies & craft kits and classic, traditional toys such as wooden castles, dolls houses & magnetic dress up doll sets for over 20 years.


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