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May 9, 2012

Foxy Mama

Whether you’re a new mama, an old mama or pregnant with your first we all love a nice bit of jewellery!! So today I’m featuring some lovely pieces that are affordable and you can personalise them with either your Kidlet’s names or your other half.

1. Kilt Pin Brooch ~Gracie Collins || 2. “You’re Priceless” tag ~Sarah Sheridan Designs Ltd3. Silver Disc Bracelet ~Hurley Burley || 4. Fine Silver Stacking Rings ~ Soremi5. Porcelain Heart Pendant ~ Badgers Badgers || Word Letter Tile Cufflinks ~ Highland Angel

I thought this kilt pin brooch by Gracie Collins was really original and I love that you can have two names on one tag too so it’s great if you want to put twins on it or your whole families names! And it’s a total steal at just £25! The “You’re Priceless” tag pendant I felt was very different and maybe something a little more offbeat if you’re not looking for the usual jewellery and only £20. I thought the bracelet by Hurley Burley was nice and earthy and the cord is actually silk for £25. My favourite of all the pieces are the Fine Silver Stacking Rings by Soremi as each ring can have a different name or letters on it for £23. The Porcelain Heart Pendant is so delicate and it would suit a really elegant lady for just £17.50. For the man, or suit-wearing lady, in your life a pair of Letter Cufflinks would be a nice touch for £28.50.