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May 1, 2013

Fluffy Bums: Real Nappy Week 2013

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

Artwork Courtesy of Christine O’Brien

Well what a crazy week Real Nappy Week was this year!! I attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change at Babame in Newry and saw an amazing amount of fluffy bums being changed for the world record attempt!! Also met some lovely new mamas AND attending the warehouse sale afterwards for a few bargains!!

This year was the year of the Clothopoly which nearly had my head turned it was SO much hard work!! Sixty six different websites all with a hidden letter somewhere on them which you had to locate, AFTER you’d located all the letter you had to find the phrase they made. I even had Mr BP and his daddy on board trying to crack the anagram and eventually we managed it. The top prize was £500 worth of nappies so it was well worth entering and with 10 second prizes of £250 I just had to have a go!! I was EXTREMELY fortunate to be one of the ones who one a 2nd prize!! Wow!! Check out my awesome prize!!

Clothopoly £250 Prize winner!

Totally overwhelmed at such an amazing prize and it’s been great fun trying out all the different nappies on Noodle! He’s currently rocking his green MioSolo pocket and looking great in it!

Hopefully everyone else enjoyed RNW and will be trying their best to enter lots of competitions next year!!

April 12, 2011

Penny Pinchers: ThredUP

It’s days like today that I am eternally envious of my US neighbours. Sometimes it really does feel like being in the UK we get the short end of the stick, although in saying that I’m sure there are plenty of examples proving the same for them!! While browsing some penny pinching sites online I came across this one, ThredUP, which deals in 2nd hand kids clothing but which is NOT available in the UK… I’m most upset!! It looks so easy and convenient.

Gift boxes

Just waiting to be opened! Photo by For Goodness Cake

You pick a box, you can search by gender and age or even add specific brands, and pay $5 + shipping for your box of gently used clothes. The sellers tend to list the types of clothes and even the season they are suitable for or whether they’re mostly tops or a mix. You put together a box of your kids clothes or toys that you no longer use or if they’ve outgrown them and send it on when someone wants your box. How easy is that!! I know I would be horrendously excited waiting for a box of unknowns to be able to go through them and admire each piece! It’s great if you’re trying to save some money or would rather recycle than buy new. There seems to be a real variety in the items listed too… now if only we had a similar service in the UK…