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February 4, 2011

Well that’s just Blooming Perfect!

Well things are less perfect as they are blooming! The blooming part is the one bit I’ve had absolutely no trouble with this pregnancy!

Although it’s such a great saying, such a polite way of saying so many things all at once. Whether said seriously and meaning something really is perfect or in a slightly more sarcastic way to exclaim that everything is very much less than perfect! I guess that’s more how I’ve been feeling recently.

After suffering 9 weeks of Hyperemesis Gravidarum [before which I’d never heard of it!] I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. When someone mentions morning sickness I think more of my first pregnancy with Pandabear, I felt rough… sure, but then who doesn’t? When I talk about hyperemesis to people and try to explain that it’s a severe form of morning sickness I think they only hear the “morning sickness” words and nothing more.

Oh you just need to get up and get on with things, you’ll feel better if you’re doing something

Really? Feel better if I’m doing something? I’ve had 4 hospitalisations in the last 9 weeks for IV rehydration through being able to keep nothing down. Hyperemesis is really nothing like morning sickness, I’ve seen it described as “having food poisoning for weeks/months instead of hours” and I feel that definitely describes it more accurately.

As if my body felt that wasn’t quite enough I then started bleeding heavily, threatening miscarriage at 15 weeks, I was told in careful thoughtful terms that if I were to labour they wouldn’t be able to save little Noodle. Fortunately he seems to be hanging on in there so far. It’s raw knees and crossed fingers for the time being, hoping to get to every milestone and see this pregnancy through.

Hopefully I’ll start blooming in a more perfect fashion in the very near future!!