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March 2, 2011

Bump & Glam: Lingerie

It seems that everywhere I look right now there is beautiful underwear… beautiful underwear that would not fit my ever-increasing, Earth-sized breasts!! It’s not a complaint, I’ve never had small boobs so when they’re a bit bigger it doesn’t make much difference. On thing I do find is that pretty underwear does NOT come in big sizes! What makes it worse is that I have a tiny back size – 30 – so it makes it even harder to find something that fits let alone one that looks pretty a the same time!!

It’s even more important to wear the right size bra when you’re pregnant and try to find one that isn’t underwired too as if it is [or if it’s too small] it can cause problems for your developing milk ducts. Fortunately when I was pregnant with Pandabear I discovered HotMilk lingerie, time to drool!! HotMilk are based in New Zealand but of course you’ll probably find a retailer near you [or there are some online stores] that sell the brand. I honestly cannot fault them, I feel sexy but like super nursing mama all at the same time!!

Another gorgeous brand that I ended up with accidentally is Amoralia who are based in the UK. They have even won a number of awards for their range.

HotMilk She Was Seemingly Unaware set

Bra: Reduced from £34.95 to £26.50 French Knickers: Reduced from £17.50 to 13.00 Both at HappyTinyBabies

Amoralia Black Cupcake Set

Bra: £34.50 Shorts: £15.00 Both from Mummy&LittleMe

Lilly Bliss Midnight Grace Set

Bra: £24.00 Shorts: £14.00 Both from Figleaves

Hopefully you found something to tempt your tastebuds, just remember to always get measured to make sure you’re ordering the right size!

February 17, 2011

Bump & Glam: Footwear

Remind me when this “Pregnancy Glow” is supposed to start? I was sure it was the second trimester but I’m starting to wonder! Mind you, I’m lying like a piece of withered lettuce on the sofa trying to remember what it feels like to be normal after having spent another few days in hospital! Yes, the dreaded Hyperemesis Gravidarum struck again. I actually had a fantastic week last week and though I’d perhaps hit a turning point with this horrendous condition but no such luck. Saturday came and the incessant vomiting cycle started again. More IV fluids and bed rest, which seems to have done the trick… well that and some zofran of course!

While I was feeling fabulous last week I had been checking my e-mails when I noticed one from Schuh… with SALE items! Shock horror! You can never say “sale” to a woman without getting a reaction!! There they were, a glorious pair of brown leather fur-lined boots… and they were FLAT!

Must. Have. Them.

As most pregnant women know, the celebrities in magazines are dying walking around in heels while pregnant!! When every other part of you is uncomfortable you need some little piece of comfort to help you get through the day. So here are some gorgeous flats to help you in your endeavorer.

Schuh Soldier Biker Fleece Boots

Reduced from £75 to £29.95 from Schuh

Schuh Molly Lace-Up Floral Flats

Reduced From £24.99 to £14.95 from Schuh

Office Decades Away Red Leather

Reduced from £62 to £15 from Office

Hopefully now your feet are more comfortable the rest of you will be too!! I do have to add, my boots are so comfortable and cosy, I don’t want to ever take them off!!

February 6, 2011

Bump & Glam

Most pregnant women I have spoken to just want to show off their bumps and why the hell not!! I have never felt more beautiful [yes, even with the sickness and other ailments!] than I do when I’m pregnant. What better way to show if off than some gorgeous maternity clothes. With Pandabear I held off buying maternity thinking I maybe wouldn’t need them when if I’d just bought them earlier I’d have been able to get more wear out of them! So here’s a few items I’m coveting!

Asos Maternity Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

Reduced to £14

Asos Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Top

Reduced To £20

JoJo Maman Bebe Navy & White Mini Dress


I particularly love the mini dress and I think Mr BP would love it too!!