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February 5, 2011

What They Don’t Tell You!

Why does it seem that every other pregnant woman in the world looks glam and is blooming perfect!!! It feels like I’m the only one who gets all the rubbish pregnancy symptoms instead of being one of the glowing, symptom-free pregnant women! Everyone I speak to just glides through their pregnancy with minor difficulty, I promised myself I would enjoy this pregnancy after having a rather difficult one with Pandabear. So far… not so good!

After hitting the Hyperemesis Gravidarum like I ran into a brick wall I was finally stabilised on some tablets which seem to be working! The downside… severe [I’m not talking bad but horrendous!] constipation. I mean a lot of pregnant women get constipation but this is way beyond that. It’s been so severe that it’s causing muscle spasms… down there! Ouch! I can only compare it to the pain of childbirth it is that severe and I laboured Pandabear without pain relief!! Fortunately I’ve been given some fantastic anaesthetic gel to help ease the pain but having not been able to sit down for the past two weeks is rather disrupting to my schedule! Fortunately Pandabear is in respite nursery care for three half days a week which makes a BIG difference and I don’t know how I would manage without that little bit of rest. I better also mention the wonderful job that Mr BP has done looking after both myself and Pandabear, I really couldn’t have gotten this far through the pregnancy without him.

Has anyone else had any strange or awful pregnancy related problems?