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June 28, 2011


I know it’s like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth but there has been shit going down!!! I ended up really sick again, and hospitalised for more IV rehydration then I ended up in pre-term labour!! That was really scary, they gave me injections to mature Ace’s lungs and tablets to try and relax my womb to stop the contractions. They kept me in for a few days to monitor me to ensure that he would be okay and so far so good. Then we ended up with no internet/phone for weeks because of a silage tractor pulling the line down [one of the downsides of living in the countryside!!].  As if that wasn’t enough my beautiful Pandabear ended up hospitalised this weekend after taking a febrile convulsion due to an upper respiratory tract infection!! She’s now on antibiotics and still a little off colour but nearly back to normal. It just seems I can’t catch a break right now!! Fortunately Mr BP has been an absolute angel [for a change!!] and has really supported me and been there for me.

I’m now down to the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy and have spent a lot of time researching vaccinations [to vax or not.. or to delay?], a baby carrier for Mr BP to use [as he will not use my slings AT ALL!] and whether I want to put delayed cord clamping to my [as yet unwritten!] birth plan!!! It seems there is so much to do and not enough time to do it… you’d think that after 9mo to prepare I might be some way to getting things finished. Even with having being in pre-term labour I still haven’t packed my hospital bag!!

In other news my fantastic home-made washing powder [click to read original post with recipe] is still going strong and I haven’t even used half of what I made even with the extra washes for the cloth nappies! I also bought a few Itti Bitti Tuttos during the RNW [Real Nappy Week 16th – 22nd May 2011] offers. I so loved the Itti Bitti D’lish I had but they just did not work for Pandabear’s shape at all which made me really sad, I’m so pleased the Tuttos do work for her because they feel so nice and work well too. I also like the fact that the Tuttos claim to work from 7lb all the way up to 44lbs!

I definitely recommend you head over to Alternative Mama’s blog for her giveaway which closes tomorrow [June 29th 2011 @ 21:00 GMT]!!

April 14, 2011


I was so excited at just 14 weeks pregnant [unfortunately due to a horrific bleed and threatened miscarriage] I was able to clearly see that Noodle was in fact a boy! It was confirmed at my 20 week scan as well as various other scans I’ve had due to both the bleed and the Hyperemesis Gravidarum. After the excitement started to settle that I was going to have “one of each” I started to think of all the differences this would mean. I thought about changing nappies and how I always hear that “little boys will pee in your face” and how he might look different, more… boyish? Mr BP talked about teaching him to play rugby and football and watching wrestling with him on TV. It’s not that we play into the gender stereotypes, he already wrestles frequently with Pandabear and some of her earliest words were “rock bottom” and “RKO” which is just charming as he slams her to the floor and I cringe that he’s too heavy handed with her! I think we all know no matter how much we try and steer clear of stereotypes it will happen, maybe it shouldn’t but it does. I could go on about gender stereotypes but that wasn’t why I started blogging today so I’ll leave that for another day!



One of the main thoughts that occurred to me was the fact that he might need circumcised. I’m sure my readers already know that I hail from the UK and that circumcision isn’t a common feature here unless it’s for religious [or medical] reasons. The thing is Mr BP, and both his brothers, needed circumcised for genetic medical reasons. It wasn’t done until they were in their early teens and all the proper anaesthetic and pain relief was provided. Why should I even need to mention anaesthetic and pain relief? In my browsing of other blogs I have found a number of our US Sisters – DrMomma has a number of different posts about circumcision and Pandamoly talks about her personal decision to leave her son intact – blogging about being “Intactivists“, I had no idea what this meant or what it was. It was only as I started reading that I realised they were talking about their sons [and other people’s sons] being left intact and not being circumcised. They talked about how horrific it was, how it was torture and brutality, I thought perhaps they were spouting their case a little too strongly and exaggerating the situation. The I watched the following video, I found it on both blogs, I thought my heart was breaking while I watched it. It is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart, the babies cries are obviously ones of sheer pain. Where was the anaesthetic, the gas to knock him out? Nowhere to be seen…




I was honestly beyond shocked, I cried through the video and had to turn the sound off because I found it too hard to listen to. I couldn’t understand how the father of this poor boy who you hear talking to the doctor on the video can just stand there and hear his son screaming in pain and not want to grab him off the board and run. Now I understood, I understood why these other bloggers were talking about leaving your son intact and urging other mothers to make INFORMED decisions instead of just getting him circumcised “because it was the done thing”. There are hundreds of reasons as to why it’s best to leave your son intact, the video is just the first. This topic is such a huge one I couldn’t cover it all but there are lots of resources online for anyone who wants to know more – it might be worth starting with the two blogs I linked to earlier.

April 5, 2011


I know I’ve been rather MIA the last couple of weeks, unfortunately the hyperemesis took a turn for the worse so I was concentrating on keeping myself OUT of hospital! So far, so good.  It’s hard to believe I hit 25 weeks yesterday, on one hand it seems like I only just found out I was pregnant and on the other it feels like I’ve been ill forever! Only 15 weeks left to go now – I’m not even worried about my little Ace arriving I’m just looking forward to the sickness ending as much as I hope it goes before I’m in labour at least I know that’s the longest I should have to deal with it.

Sunday was Mothering Sunday and I was blessed to received two beautiful cards, one from Pandabear and the other from “the bump”!!


I’m starting to build up a nice little stash of fluffy bums for Ace, most of them are pre-loved which I’m more than happy to buy because I’ve found the people selling them to be honest and reliable and look after their cloth!! Unfortunately Pandabear keeps trying to choose the blue nappies even though they’re far too small for her so I’ve had to splash out buying some blue fluffs for her too!! Today she was wearing her new Wee Notions “Funny Bunnies” and it’s so cute and fluffy!


Hopefully I won’t be so MIA now!! I’m still not well but I haven’t been readmitted either… keep on keeping on!!!

March 12, 2011

Interview with Alternative Mama

I love reading other Mama’s blogs and one I particularly love is Alternative Mama‘s blog. I approached her last week about doing a collab post to raise awareness about HG and happily she was really up for it so pop over to her blog to read my interview with her!!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum | Alternative Mama.

March 9, 2011

Emotionally Breaking Down

I spent most of last week feeling horrendous with my ketones sitting about +2 all week. I worked as hard as I could to stay out of hospital and was both anxious and excited about my 20w scan last Friday [4th March]. The scan went perfectly, nothing was wrong all the measurements were taken, they checked my placenta which is no longer covering my cervix and isn’t even low lying anymore [that means I can have another natural birth!] and it was very obviously a BOY on the screen! They put my EDD back by 1 day so I’m now “due” 18th July 2011!

After having to get showered, dressed and leave the house just to go to the scan [which was a necessity!] I started feeling more ill. I progressively felt sicker on Saturday as the day went on. By Sunday I’d had nothing since Saturday lunchtime… when the sickness hits, it hits. On Sunday afternoon I’m starting to worry… it’s Pandabear’s 2nd Birthday on Tuesday 8th and I do NOT want to be in hospital on her birthday. I check my ketones. +3. It’s not looking good. An hour later. +4. It’s time to go to hospital. I’m angry but I know it’s for the best, I know it’s best for little Noodle who has fought so hard this pregnancy.

I phone round to arrange care with family for Pandabear, she’s sorted… I made my way down to the hospital for my 6th admission, this pregnancy, in 21 weeks. Fortunately they hooked me up to the IV pretty quickly, a quick bag of Hartmanns will always make me feel better. As I’m now past 20w I no longer get stuck in the gynae ward for rehydration but go to the maternity ward. The bonus being there’s free TV, the downside is all the women going through labour at 3am really make it difficult to sleep! I felt really down the whole time I was there, it’s getting to me… the Hyperemesis is really getting to me. I keep having to reign myself in from thinking “Why Me?” all the time when I should be thinking “Why NOT me?”. It’s frustrating, it’s stealing the last time I have with my beautiful daughter, our alone time, it’s stealing my love of food [after spending my teenage years and beyond with Anorexia Nervosa for 14 years food is still a novelty to me but that’s a story for another day!], it’s stealing my sanity. I feel like I’m either stuck on the sofa [which now has an indent where my ass has been for 4 months!] watching rubbish daytime TV, or I’m in hospital hooked up to a drip. I almost wish I could do the IV thing myself, it would make my life so much nicer – I feel more alive and more human when I’m getting fluids into my arm. At this point I feel like my words are on longer expressing how I feel, I have recently started reading a blog about another sufferer of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and she has such a better way with words than I do so I’m going to quote part of her latest post here [PLEASE stop by her blog, it really is a great read]:

The emotional battle, though, I feel like I am losing.  Sometimes I think of myself in the past tense.  I used to love to travel.  I used to be an active and involved mom.  I used to love, love, love eating food.  I feel like I am forgetting the person I used to be and I wonder if I will remember how to be that person when this is all over.  It’s harder and harder to get out of bed.  It’s harder and harder to take a shower.  Friday, I just lay in bed filthy.  Mom is doing her best to encourage me and get me moving, but I know she’s frustrated.  Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression?

Let me be very clear.  HG causes depresssion, not the other way around.  No amount of fresh air, getting up and moving around, showering, or thinking positive will make this disease go away.

I don’t feel like a pregnant lady.  I think we HGers have more in common with cancer patients than pregnant women.  Granted, our illness isn’t terminal assuming we have proper medical support.  But with all the stuff we have to deal with: IVs, PICC lines, running out of veins, arms destroyed by needle sticks, central lines, TPN, NJ feeding, and just the intensity and length of the sickness.  It’s not fair.

~ Knocked up, Knocked over blog

I managed to get out yesterday [8th] for Pandabear’s birthday. I picked her up from nursery and because it was Shrove Tuesday I made pancakes for us when we came home before Daddy arrived and she was given her presents! Here she is playing in her new Hello Kitty tent with her Peppa Pig wearing her “new” [it’s 2nd hand really!] bumblebee Issybear nappy!! She loved it, kept pointing out the bumblebees!!

February 17, 2011

Bump & Glam: Footwear

Remind me when this “Pregnancy Glow” is supposed to start? I was sure it was the second trimester but I’m starting to wonder! Mind you, I’m lying like a piece of withered lettuce on the sofa trying to remember what it feels like to be normal after having spent another few days in hospital! Yes, the dreaded Hyperemesis Gravidarum struck again. I actually had a fantastic week last week and though I’d perhaps hit a turning point with this horrendous condition but no such luck. Saturday came and the incessant vomiting cycle started again. More IV fluids and bed rest, which seems to have done the trick… well that and some zofran of course!

While I was feeling fabulous last week I had been checking my e-mails when I noticed one from Schuh… with SALE items! Shock horror! You can never say “sale” to a woman without getting a reaction!! There they were, a glorious pair of brown leather fur-lined boots… and they were FLAT!

Must. Have. Them.

As most pregnant women know, the celebrities in magazines are dying walking around in heels while pregnant!! When every other part of you is uncomfortable you need some little piece of comfort to help you get through the day. So here are some gorgeous flats to help you in your endeavorer.

Schuh Soldier Biker Fleece Boots

Reduced from £75 to £29.95 from Schuh

Schuh Molly Lace-Up Floral Flats

Reduced From £24.99 to £14.95 from Schuh

Office Decades Away Red Leather

Reduced from £62 to £15 from Office

Hopefully now your feet are more comfortable the rest of you will be too!! I do have to add, my boots are so comfortable and cosy, I don’t want to ever take them off!!

February 9, 2011

Healthy Bump: Winter Warmer Soup Recipe

Although I really only craved savoury food when I was pregnant with Pandabear this pregnancy has been the total opposite in that respect. I loveeee chocolate and sugar and sugary things and sweeties! However, I am aware, we need to be a little healthy while pregnant to give our little bundles the best start they can have. I have found it a real struggle, especially with the Hyperemesis, to stand and cook dinner. By the time the evening rolls around I just want to curl into a ball in bed and rest, being pregnant is hard work! So I was greatly excited to find a really healthy soup recipe on Butterfly Food that takes just over 30 minutes!!

I hope Ash doesn’t mind me adding this picture, which belongs 100% to her, to this post to show you how mouth-wateringly beautiful it looks

Winter Warmer Soup recipe

So I threw myself into it tonight and made it, all be it mine didn’t look as beautiful as hers, it tasted gorgeous! Even Mr BP chowed down on 2 bowls of the stuff [with half a loaf of bread!] and he hasn’t eaten all day as he’s been feeling ill! It’s definitely got that tangy tomato but stuffed with vegetables feeling to it and I totally recommend you pop over to Ash’s blog and check out the recipe!


February 5, 2011

What They Don’t Tell You!

Why does it seem that every other pregnant woman in the world looks glam and is blooming perfect!!! It feels like I’m the only one who gets all the rubbish pregnancy symptoms instead of being one of the glowing, symptom-free pregnant women! Everyone I speak to just glides through their pregnancy with minor difficulty, I promised myself I would enjoy this pregnancy after having a rather difficult one with Pandabear. So far… not so good!

After hitting the Hyperemesis Gravidarum like I ran into a brick wall I was finally stabilised on some tablets which seem to be working! The downside… severe [I’m not talking bad but horrendous!] constipation. I mean a lot of pregnant women get constipation but this is way beyond that. It’s been so severe that it’s causing muscle spasms… down there! Ouch! I can only compare it to the pain of childbirth it is that severe and I laboured Pandabear without pain relief!! Fortunately I’ve been given some fantastic anaesthetic gel to help ease the pain but having not been able to sit down for the past two weeks is rather disrupting to my schedule! Fortunately Pandabear is in respite nursery care for three half days a week which makes a BIG difference and I don’t know how I would manage without that little bit of rest. I better also mention the wonderful job that Mr BP has done looking after both myself and Pandabear, I really couldn’t have gotten this far through the pregnancy without him.

Has anyone else had any strange or awful pregnancy related problems?

February 4, 2011

Well that’s just Blooming Perfect!

Well things are less perfect as they are blooming! The blooming part is the one bit I’ve had absolutely no trouble with this pregnancy!

Although it’s such a great saying, such a polite way of saying so many things all at once. Whether said seriously and meaning something really is perfect or in a slightly more sarcastic way to exclaim that everything is very much less than perfect! I guess that’s more how I’ve been feeling recently.

After suffering 9 weeks of Hyperemesis Gravidarum [before which I’d never heard of it!] I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. When someone mentions morning sickness I think more of my first pregnancy with Pandabear, I felt rough… sure, but then who doesn’t? When I talk about hyperemesis to people and try to explain that it’s a severe form of morning sickness I think they only hear the “morning sickness” words and nothing more.

Oh you just need to get up and get on with things, you’ll feel better if you’re doing something

Really? Feel better if I’m doing something? I’ve had 4 hospitalisations in the last 9 weeks for IV rehydration through being able to keep nothing down. Hyperemesis is really nothing like morning sickness, I’ve seen it described as “having food poisoning for weeks/months instead of hours” and I feel that definitely describes it more accurately.

As if my body felt that wasn’t quite enough I then started bleeding heavily, threatening miscarriage at 15 weeks, I was told in careful thoughtful terms that if I were to labour they wouldn’t be able to save little Noodle. Fortunately he seems to be hanging on in there so far. It’s raw knees and crossed fingers for the time being, hoping to get to every milestone and see this pregnancy through.

Hopefully I’ll start blooming in a more perfect fashion in the very near future!!